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Krom Dragongaze Assembling (Sanctus Reach Stormclaw) Krom Dragongaze Assembling (Sanctus Reach Stormclaw)
by blootack | Posted Aug 7, 2014 | 308 views | rated 5.0/5.0
Assembling Krom Dragongaze who is the limited edition Space Wolves Wolf Lord found in the Sanctus Reach Stormclaw boxset. He comes armed with his Frost Axe Wyrmclaw and a Bolt Pistol.
Grey Knights Assembling (Interceptor/Purifier/Strike Squad) Grey Knights Assembling (Interceptor/Purifier/Strike Squad)
by blootack | Posted Sep 3, 2014 | 249 views | rated 4.7/5.0
Assembling a Grey Knight that with a choice of backpacks can be painted to be an Interceptor, Purifier or part of a Strike Squad.
Stormwolf Assembly Stormwolf Assembly
by ptgraham | Posted Aug 30, 2014 | 262 views | not rated
An assembly tutorial where Paul shows how the new Space Wolf flyer goes together.
Necromancer Assembling (Fantasy) Necromancer Assembling (Fantasy)
by blootack | Posted Sep 11, 2014 | 106 views | rated 5.0/5.0
Assembling a Vampire Counts Necromancer for Warhammer Fantasy so that he's all ready to team up with Nagash during the End Times.
Alternative to Base Jump Infantry Alternative to Base Jump Infantry
by eonsofbattle | Posted Oct 23, 2014 | 288 views | rated 2.3/5.0
In this tutorial we teach you how to pin jump infantry so they look like they are flying. Thanks for watching!
Assembling Dark Eldar - Wyches Assembling Dark Eldar - Wyches
by blootack | Posted Nov 5, 2014 | 164 views | rated 5.0/5.0
My quick assembly process of a Dark Eldar Wych!
Assembling Dark Eldar - Haemonculus (Urien Rakarth) Assembling Dark Eldar - Haemonculus (Urien Rakarth)
by blootack | Posted Oct 6, 2014 | 159 views | rated 5.0/5.0
The assembly process for the Dark Eldar Haemonculus Urien Rakarth. It's kind of an unboxing/review to as I did not enjoy building this guy.
Assembling Dark Eldar - Archon (Finecast) Assembling Dark Eldar - Archon (Finecast)
by blootack | Posted Nov 12, 2014 | 91 views | rated 5.0/5.0
Assembling the older Finecast Archon for use in a Dark Eldar army.
Ork Meganobz built and magnetized. Ork Meganobz built and magnetized.
by sorienor | Posted Nov 30, 2014 | 246 views | not rated
lots of magnets.
Smaug Assembly Smaug Assembly
by ptgraham | Posted Dec 18, 2014 | 262 views | rated 5.0/5.0
A video where Paul shows how he assembled the new Smaug model from Games Workshop